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Ashkenazi jewish ancestry, Ashkenazi physical features The Ashkenazi Jews are a group that falls under the generic term “European,” but it is evident from numerous studies that are genetically unique and generally different from the European population. Most people of Ashkenazi descent pursue their DNA to Eastern and Central Europe, but they also have ancestors from the Middle East, which is just one of the reasons for their genetic “uniqueness”. Ashkenazi jewish ancestry

The challenging history of Jewish groups has also contributed to their genetic uniqueness. During the Jewish diaspora or the migration of Jews from the Middle East to other parts of the world, the vast majority of the Jewish population married and educated families within their faith. Many generations later, this means that Ashkenazi Jews seem more genetically related than they really are. Ashkenazi jewish ancestry This genetic isolation has had important health effects. People of Ashkenazi descent are more likely to have genetic factors that cause recessive Mendelian disorders of a single gene in which two bad copies of a gene are needed to contract the disease. Examples include Gaucher disease, Canavan disease and Tay-Sachs disease. Because of this greater likelihood, detection of these genetic variants in future parents is a standard practice for Jewish individuals forming a family (the 23andMe tests for most of the mutations that are routinely studied in the Ashkenazi Jewish population).

Ashkenazi jewish ancestry

Ashkenazi jewish ancestry

Ashkenazi physical features

Although it is not yet clear why the rates in this population are higher, it is likely that the specific genetic factors of people of Ashkenazi descent play a role. Knowing your background can help you learn about your family’s wealth and disease risk, and more knowledge means more informed decisions. Ashkenazi physical features It could be the month of American Jewish heritage. Come back later to read about the genetic risk factors for Crohn’s disease that seem to be specific to Ashkenazi people of Jewish descent. You will also read about the discovery of Jewish ancestors in guest publications by the ambassadors of the lineage of 23andMe, Tim Janzen, CeCe Moore and Andrea Badger.

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